About ISM @ ECCV 2022

Driver assistance and autonomous driving technologies have made significant progress over the past decade. Much of the research has been devoted to monitoring the external environment, while not nearly as much attention has been paid to the interior. Interior monitoring increases safety, comfort, and convenience for all vehicle occupants, especially in the case of autonomous shared vehicles.

The In-vehicle Sensing and Monitorization workshop at ECCV 2022 targets the processing of data collected inside the vehicle for monitoring and event detection. It covers topics such as activity detection, emotional monitoring, identification of undesired behavior, damage detection, and many others related to the automatic supervision of the interior of shared vehicles and its occupants.

Topics of Interest

ISM aims to cover everything related to intelligent sensing and monitoring inside vehicles, whether centred on the drivers, the passengers, objects, interior environmental conditions, or other scenarios. These include:

João Carreira DeepMind Multimodal Scene and Action Understanding
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Mohammad Mavadati Smart Eye Cabin Monitoring Systems: The Future of Safer and More Engaging Mobility
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ISM will be a half-day online event, Oct. 24, at ECCV 2022. All times are UTC+3 (Israeli time).

14:00-14:10 Welcome Session
14:10-14:55 Keynote I: João Carreira: Multimodal Scene and Action Understanding
14:55-15:15 Oral Presentation: Semi-automatic pipeline for large-scale dataset annotation task: a DMD application
15:15-15:35 Oral Presentation: Detecting Driver Drowsiness as an Anomaly Using LSTM Autoencoders
15:35-15:55 Project KARLI - Level-Compliant Driver Behavior Monitoring – Approaches from German KARLI project
Coffee Break
16:05-16:50 Keynote II: Mohammad Mavadati: Cabin Monitoring Systems: The Future of Safer and More Engaging Mobility
16:50-17:10 Oral Presentation: Personalization of AI models based on federated learning for driver stress monitoring
17:10-17:30 Oral Presentation: XMem: Long-Term Video Object Segmentation with an Atkinson-Shiffrin Memory Model
17:30-17:50 Project Easy Ride - Occupant emotion monitoring system
17:50-18:00 Closing Session and Prize Announcement

ISM is looking for paper submissions on the topics of interest. Submissions should be exclusively done through the ISM CMT platform and should adhere to the author guidelines of ECCV 2022 .

Keep in mind the following dates and deadlines:

*All deadlines are 8:59PM CET/11:59AM PST.

More information on camera-ready paper submissions will be released soon.

Technical Programme Committee